BC’s Natural Wealth Too Valuable To Squander On Northern Gateway,Climate Change Or Not.

My letter (with minor edits) to Tom Sandborn of the Vancouver Courier in response to his article “Will breaking the law save the planet?”

Dear Tom,

As a third generation BC’er I share your disdain for the Northern Gateway project and Kinder-Morgan’s proposed expansion of tanker traffic through Vancouver’s harbour. I do not share the popularly accepted notion that there is any conclusive proof of potential cataclysmic man made climate change/global warming. Recent CERN cosmic ray-water vapour experiments demonstrate a mechanism by which small changes in the sun’s irradiation can contribute to warming. Multi-millenial ice core records show natural cyclical warming/cooling phases whose envelope we are still well within. Despite much publicity to the contrary, modern era records indicate that the first and third decades of the last century had higher temperatures and longer droughts than we are now experiencing. The icing on the cake is the fact that the last decade has seen leveling in global temperatures.

I will be the first to lay in front of a Northern Gateway and/or Kinder Morgan bulldozer, because the grandeur and abundance of British Columbia’s natural wealth outweighs exponentially anything the oil companies could possibly offer in exchange for the opportunity to destroy it. At the same time recent science calls the IPCC’s current view of anthropogenic global warming into serious disrepute. To ignore that science and accept the notion that man made warming is definitively proven is to sentence millions in developing countries to needless penury, while delaying the adjustments that  may be necessary to adapt to natural cycles that could be far more dangerous than anything envisioned by AGW adherents.

Gerry McGuire

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