The most cogent part of Mr Helmer’s common sense analysis of the disaster area known as the European Union is use of the well known aphorism that those not informed by history are doomed to repeat it. The European Union is the spearhead of globalism that has as much chance of succeeding as the Tower of Babel before it. The unfortunate result of the fanatical adherence to an impossible Utopian vision is the suffering we are already seeing in wars aimed at homogenizing the world’s regions, with worse still no doubt to come.

Roger Helmer MEP

Last night I attended an event in Brussels sponsored by Volvo — and was disappointed to be reminded that Volvo sold their cars division to Ford ten years ago, and are now a truck business.  Indeed they claim to be the world’s second largest truck business, having absorbed France’s Renault trucks, the USA’s Mack trucks and some other businesses.

I recalled that Ford had bought both Volvo and Jaguar cars at about the same time and — let’s be honest — made a bit of a pig’s ear of them.  Ford’s ambition was to create a luxury cars division along the lines of Toyota’s Lexus.  So it didn’t help when they tarted up a Cortina and called it a Jaguar X-Type.  It never caught on.  Ford gave up, and sold Jaguar to India’s Tata (who are doing a fantastic job with it), and Volvo cars to Chinese car-maker Geely.


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