Vancouver Province’s Sea Level Rise Fairy Tale.

A journalist I’ve never heard of before, one Glenda Luymes, has written an article featured on the front page of the Province on Sunday August 25th, 2013. Dealing with the potential economic costs of projected sea level rise, it is rife with unchallenged assumptions, inaccurate information and is so far removed from the facts and science of today that it would be better categorized as a fairy tale than a news article.

In the article she references a study co-authoured by one Stephane Hallegatte-a senior economist at the World Bank. The other contributors are two engineers and another economist. Nary a climate scientist to be found. It’s just sort of thrown out there “that, without adaptation, total annual losses from flooding could top $1 trillion by 2100.” She makes no mention that the $1 trillion dollar figure she so blithely reports is seen as highly unlikely even by the authors of the study, with the figure increasing from the current $25 billion to ~$60 billion dollars as more likely-assuming accelerating building up of shorelines,nominal increases in property values-inflation in other words-combined with increases in sea level that are highly unlikely to occur given the current rate of change.

Unfazed by this, she goes on to interview a geologist from SFU, a dairy farmer from Surrey, and some bureaucrats from areas potentially affected. “Yup, looks pretty bad” they all more or less say. Yup, I guess so, if what she writes was true-that “Local research suggests that as glaciers melt and the oceans warm, B.C. coastal waters could rise one metre over the next century”  No reference to whose research it is, or what data it’s based on. Just must be so, because it’s right there, in black and white. Inconveniently, there is not a scintilla of scientific evidence that sea level rise is accelerating, or will accelerate in the near or distant future above it’s current increase of approximately seven inches per century. You read that right-per century!

She makes no mention of the fact that there has been no global warming for over fifteen years.

It’s Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Mother Gooses’ Nursery Rhymes., journalism at it’s lowest point-staff pared to near nothing, no budget for real writers and research, what couldn’t pass muster as a high school essay stains a once fine newspaper’s front page.



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