1:Article in The Telegraph online.

“Winter deluges may become the norm for Britain

Climate change projections show that the country will get warmer and wetter over the next 20 years

By , Chief Reporter

9:40PM GMT 30 Jan 2014″


Shock! Horror! The Earth has warmed since the end of the Little Ice Age (modulated by the approximate 60 year cycle of the PDO and AMO). What an amazing discovery – like we didn’t know, or something.

It just isn’t quite as much as the propagandists shroud-wave about because of the fiddling while the Earth didn’t burn that Climategate revealed.

However, there is no real (empirical) evidence whatsoever that changes to the concentration of atmospheric CO2 had any effect on the climate, now or ever. The science was never done. Furthermore, every prediction made by the global warming industry has not come to pass. They are completely discredited and their hypothesis was blown years ago when the predicted tropospheric heating failed to materialise.

In recent times the PDO and AMO led to the cooling that spawned the ice-age scares of the 1970s, following by the warming that peaked in the 1990s, precisely on time and as predicted. That last warming increase was exploited by anti-west UN activists to create a warming scare based on faked-up cod science, that blamed it on increasing CO2 for no real reason at all.

The CAGW propagandists now appear to be desperately playing for time, hoping to keep the funding flowing until the 2020s when they hope the cycle will reverse again and they can once more wind up the scare – provided the cooling actually stops, which is a moot point. So far the ploy is working (only in the EU) thanks to our criminally negligent politicians.

However, there is an additional factor, which is that the sun’s magnetic field has bottomed out in what could be a repeat of the Maunder Minimum that is associated with the Little Ice Age. If so then if Professor Svensmark’s hypothesis (google it) is correct, we are in for a very chilly 21st century once the oceans cool down.

The non-appearance of the predicted Armageddon and the present inexorable non-upward temperature trend is now undeniable. The IPCC has conclusively demonstrated that writing funny computer programs has no effect on the climate. They have no more shots in the locker except more of the same old misrepresentation.

Those folks still peddling the myth should be arrested.

Measures to mitigate carbon emissions were therefore always irrelevant and should be dropped forthwith. There is no need to close down thermal power stations on carbon saving grounds, or to continue to maintain the falsehoods that ‘renewable’ sources contain enough energy that we can extract to maintain a western civilisation, and that those sources are viable without a massive hidden subsidy.

In reality the whole energy saving farrago is underpinned by climate change political propaganda driven by a handful of anti-west individuals in the UN.

Just about every bunch of down-with-everything nut-cases climbed onto the CO2 band wagon, which, along with governmental greed for more bureaucratic power and for carbon taxes, created a societal monster. But it is all based on false distortions of smoke-and-mirrors cod science – ie, cleverly concealed fraud.

The scandal that the scam is still on-going is down to political momentum, for which our politicians are culpable.

End of first comment.

2: I saved this without documenting what it was responding to, but it pretty well speaks for itself.

  1. Pachygrapsus on February 9, 2014 at 11:46 am

I’ve seen far more unpleasantness from the left wing greens than I’ve ever seen from conservative who oppose them, but it’s important to look at what is really happening. Those of us who work for a living and enjoy a nice quality of life have no wish to argue with anyone. The UN and their sycophants in the Democratic Party in the US want to take our money, restrict our ability to travel, and damage our economy. They’ll do this while pretending to possess the moral high ground, while their leadership lives in lavish homes and travels by private jet. I’m supposed to let Al Gore, Darryl Hannah, Alec Baldwin and George Soros (and David Suzuki) tell me to use less fossil fuel?

They threaten my employment, my family and my country from their Ivory Towers. That, in itself, far exceeds any verbal unpleasantness I might direct their way, but it’s much worse than that. They label me “anti-science” because I insist on empirical evidence, a “denier” because I see confirmation bias in their post hoc analysis, and a “planet killer” because I am competent and productive. It would be impossible to find a way to transport 20,000 of my fellow skeptics to Denmark or the South Pacific because there is no funding for such a venture, but every year that number of climate activists, politicians, journalists and their pet scientists find a way to travel together to far flung corners of the globe. While there they conspire to transfer my wealth to my government and then have it sent to third-world countries that are openly hostile to my way of life. They accuse me of being a shill of oil companies, while the truth is that I’m not even a stockholder and certainly not paid to promote them. If I were, I’d be a lot more likely to visit some of the places that climate activists seem to enjoy.

Sorry for the rant, but when someone from the left asks why we aren’t especially polite when we engage them, I’m tempted to ask if they’ve ever been robbed. How is the victim of such a crime expected to behave?

End of second comment.

These are a couple of the best I’ve run into recently, their eloquence and impact are undeniable. I’ll add more as I come across them. Cheers for now and remember-the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

PS:Here’s some extra reading for you eager beavers.


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