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Mind-Blowing Temperature Fraud At NOAA

Originally posted on Real Science:
The measured US temperature data from USHCN shows that the US is on a long-term cooling trend. But the reported temperatures from NOAA show a strong warming trend. Measured : ushcn.tavg.latest.raw.tar.gz Reported : ushcn.tavg.latest.FLs.52j.tar.gz They accomplish this…

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Jeremy Beck 1999 Essay on Eco-Fascism

Eco-Fascism by Jeremy Beck, BE, (Hons), Political Analyst 27th September 1999 Some people are now starting to wake up that in the game of politics, a label is just that… merely a label. Whether the label represents the accompanying ideology, … Continue reading

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1:Article in The Telegraph online. “Winter deluges may become the norm for Britain Climate change projections show that the country will get warmer and wetter over the next 20 years By Gordon Rayner, Chief Reporter 9:40PM GMT 30 Jan 2014″ scott_east_anglia • 13 … Continue reading

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When Uncertainty is Certainly not Uncertain

Further to Glenda Luymes fantasy piece on sea level rise in the Vancouver Province, on Sunday August 25, 2013. I drilled down a little bit, and discovered that the study she referenced was lead-authored by a fellow named Stephane Hallegatte. … Continue reading

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Vancouver Province’s Sea Level Rise Fairy Tale.

A journalist I’ve never heard of before, one Glenda Luymes, has written an article featured on the front page of the Province on Sunday August 25th, 2013. Dealing with the potential economic costs of projected sea level rise, it is … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Roger Helmer MEP:
Last night I attended an event in Brussels sponsored by Volvo — and was disappointed to be reminded that Volvo sold their cars division to Ford ten years ago, and are now a truck…

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DeBoville Slough

DeBoville Slough

Summer 2012

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